GAE-Studio newsletter #1

Good morning GAE-Studio users!

These are exciting days for us at ArcBees. We’re getting tons of great feedback about GAE-Studio from you, and we really, really appreciate it. We’re also excited to launch this first edition of our GAE-Studio newsletter (in future editions it will be redesigned to look more and more awesome). But most importantly, we’re excited because we are already ready to announce a new release of our software: GAE-Studio 0.3!

Our focus for this release was to integrate GAE studio with other existing projects. We’re almost satisfied with the outcome, but there are still some things that need doing. In the next release, we will make GAE-Studio even more usable from projects using Java and will try to avoid as much as possible conflicts with your own versions of dependencies that you could be using. This will add a lot to the usability and serviceability of the offering.

Besides these improvements, we’ve also moved the whole system from RPC to a REST API. This change lays the groundwork for two things. First, it provides an API you can use within your own applications, and second, it becomes easier to use a language other than Java this way. Think about it, Python, Go and PHP are the three other runtimes used in Google App Engine and it is on our roadmap to fully support those runtimes.

Many more changes are in the works for later releases. There’s been a lot of interest in our Profiler, so we plan to introduce a preview of it to those of you in our current beta group. We will also work to make sure that GAE-Studio can be used from Google App Engine directly, replacing the current datastore administration console. To do this, we have to create several security features to make sure only registered users can access GAE-Studio. While we’re reading back what we just wrote… Someone of the team already did it and it is available through using Google App Engine native security feature!

We are moving to a three-week release cycle from this point forward, until the project stabilizes, at which point we will publish daily builds. I know that documentation is lacking right now, so if you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can, and we are genuinely interested in anything you might have to say about the product.

That’s all for now folks! As always, I invite you to log issues and feature requests right within our public issue tracker on Bitbucket. If you’re extensively using GAE-Studio already, please get in touch with us and tell us more about how it is helping you, and what you would like to see added or improved. Finally, I eagerly invite you to join our GAE-Studio Community on Google+ . We have a great group of people using the product, and the best way for you to meet all of them is by joining that Community.

Have fun Google App Engine-eering!

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