GAE-Studio newsletter #2

Good morning, kickass GAE-Studio beta testers!

We’re excited to be releasing our next version of GAE-Studio. Our last iteration of testing went great, and we were able to enable a new GAE-Studio feature. For those of you who were in our first group of testers, we want to thank you for the time you put into GAE-Studio, and the feedback you have given us. We hope you and all you new testers who are joining us will push GAE-Studio even harder this time around, so it can evolve into a tool that will really make all our lives easier when it comes to managing Google App Engine development.

In this release, we’ve worked to enhance the visualisation tool, and we have also enabled the profiling tool. You’ll experience fewer bugs and will be able to integrate GAE-Studio with even more projects! The profiling tool itself will be completely reviewed to be more useful, but by activating the current version, you can already use it to see what is being pushed into the datastore as well as what is being pulled.

The ArcBees team has been working very hard, and most of them are going to head out for awhile on some well-earned vacations, so the upcoming iteration will be a really simple one. We’ll be working on a new authentication service for GAE-Studio that will let us operate it more like SaaS. In the future, we plan to release GAE-Studio as a commercial product, but it will remain free until all of you are satisfied that the user experience and feature set it offers make it a true Pro tool.

We’re starting to think about enabling Python, Go and PHP. If you think this is important, please vote for the language of your choice on our Bitbucket issue tracker so that we can know what to prioritize when we start that.

That wraps up another GAE-Studio newsletter! As always, log your issues and feature requests right within our Bitbucket issue tracker. That’s where all the action is. If you’re starting to become a heavy GAE-Studio user, we want to hear from you! We’re ready for some pretty deep conversation and collaboration with heavy users. We invite everyone to get in touch with us and tell us how GAE-Studio is helping you, and what you would like to see added or improved. Join our GAE-Studio Community on Google+, and meet other developers working on the leading edge of GAE development. While the community is for discussing GAE Studio, the people you meet there can help you in all things GAE-related.

Have fun Google App Engine-eering!

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