One new guys is enough?

Obviously, NO …

We have new projects on their way and we keep looking for good guys. One of them is named Driss and join the Hive last week. Why do we need him? GWT is going more and more popular and so many peoples want our expertise. Driss is the man who will help us to response to this demand and delivery high quality code. And yes, code quality does matter for all of us.

All those new guys are awesome… If you need help in your current or future project, just drop us an email

Welcome in our team Driss.

The Hive is Growing

The Hive is Growing

We are looking all the time for talented and passionate guys and we have found one …

We are pleased to announce a new bee joining us. Brandon Donnelson climbed aboard in the beginning of February 2012. He is involved in the GWT community for some time and has developed many projects. He has the principal qualities required to be a bee, knowledgeable, thorough and a hard worker.

We are sure that Brandon will accomplish great thing in the Hive and he will prove once again that choosing ArcBees is the right pick to build your application.

All the Hive join me to welcome you and we wish him success