My upcoming Google I/O talk on all the cool toys, including gwt-platform

As you probably know by now, we love the Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, Objectify, Gin, Guice and friends. ArcBee’s project, GWT-platform, has slowly crept up the ranks and is now a very popular tool for people who want to quickly develop solid GWT applications.

If you’re a GWTP user, or if you are considering it for your next project, you’ll be happy to learn that this year’s Google I/O will feature the talk: Highly Productive GWT: Rapid Development with App Engine, Objectify, RequestFactory, and gwt-platform. Given by David Chandler (of Google) and myself, this talk will briefly introduce the above technologies as well as recent additions to GWT such as Cell widgets and RequestFactory. We will take you in a live-coding journey starting from (almost) nothing and ending up with a fully usable webapp deployed on AppEngine.

I hope to see you in San Francisco… If you were not fortunate enough to get tickets, make sure to join us on the live video stream.