A Guaranteed Future for gQuery!

Arcbees is proud to officially support g(wt)-Query (gQuery), a jQuery-clone API written in Java for GWT. We hope this will helps gQuery grow even further, promoting clear direction and a strong future for this awesome product – one that we ourselves are using in all our projects.

We are firmly committed to keeping gQuery an Open Source product, available under the Apache 2.0. licence. The gQuery project continues to be led by the top three contributors to the codebase: Ray CromwellManuel Carrasco Moñino and Julien Dramaix.gQuerY-1

What does our official support of gQuery mean to you? First, gQuery will be part of ArcBees’ other Open Source product offerings, and gQuery support will be included in the support package offered by Arcbees for GWTP. Also, Arcbees is planning a complete re-write of the documentation. This new documentation will follow Arcbees new conventions and will be hosted on github.io.

There is more. This is just the tip of the iceberg! The Arcbees development ecosystem is evolving fast, and you can hear all about it at GWT.create this year!


Le futur de gQuery est assuré!

Arcbees peut se targuer d’être la 1ère entreprise à supporter officiellement g(wt)Query, une librairie similaire à jQuery, mais pour GWT. Fort de cet appui, nous espérons que le produit va continuer de croître en plus d’en assurer sa pérennité, surtout que nous en sommes nous-mêmes de fiers utilisateurs!

Essentiellement, gQuery va demeurer le même produit Open Source offert sous licence Apache 2.0. que vous avez toujours connu et son développement va continuer d’être mené par ses top contributeurs, soit messieurs Manuel Carrasco Moñino, Ray Cromwell et Julien Dramaix.

Vous l’avez peut-être déjà constaté, mais les sources ont été transférées sous Arcbees (github) et d’importants changements se pointent à l’horizon puisque la ré-écriture complète de la documentation est en cours et que gQuery s’ajoute à la gamme de produits Open Source déjà offerte par Arcbees, faisant en sorte qu’il sera désormais couvert par le forfait de support pour GWTP.

Plusieurs autres modifications sont à venir et vous pourrez en apprendre bien davantage sur le sujet et sur Arcbees lors du prochain GWT.create et lors du dévoilement de notre nouvelle image qui approche à grands pas!


Great contributions to our open source projects

Here’s something you may not know about Arcbees; every single line of code that we can open source to our developer community, is open sourced. It is one of our core values. We believe that sharing our work and ideas openly with others can and will inspire great developers to contribute back to our own growing ecosystem of tools.

In the past few week, the number of great programmers collaborating with us in the open source community has been rising, and we want to say thanks to two in particular.

One is Richard Wallis who has contributed most of the work done to construct our Universal Analytics project, and who has also contributed to our GWTP project. He is now a trusted contributor and has been granted write privileges over GWTP and Universal Analytics.

Congratulation Richard!

Equally appreciated is Jonathan Kuleff who went from making a great suggestion for improving our Bitbucket Teamcity plugin to doing the implementation himself in one jump.

Thanks Jonathan!

Both of you contributed really great quality code, and we really appreciate that. We learn from your work, and we hope you learn from ours. That’s what we love about open. The sharing we do around specific projects has ripple effects. We share programming tactics and practices with everyone we collaborate with, and this ultimately helps all developers improve their craftsmanship to create better, stronger, quality code.

Our mission includes the promotion of this kind of code-quality education worldwide, which explains why we subject you new contributions to such rigorous code review. We don’t want to slow you down, but we do want to make sure that future contributors can easily read the codebase we are all putting together. We want the codebase to be useful and fun to program, and also to teach people how to produce quality code. We are thrilled to work with so many open source developers who want to help us do that.

There’s a lot of contributors to our open source projects, we try to thank them in every single release announcement we do around any of our open source projects. We welcome anyone to contribute in any way they can.

Software engineering is a young craft. It is only about 50 years old, unlike mechanical engineering and civil engineering, which have been with us for millennia. Our field is still in its infancy, but it’s growing fast, and this is in large part due to open source. Let’s keep flying forward by sharing code and collaborating on projects. Knowledge is a public good, all of us can have it without ever depleting it.

We look forward to future learnings with you all. See you on our project sites!