GAE-Studio 0.2 is out!

Great news today!

We’ve just released GAE-Studio 0.2 wish include namespaces bulk action and a review user experience! That also means that a new wave of beta tester will be invited to join in today! It’s been a month since the last invitation wave and we’d great feedback from them. For that, we want to thank everyone so far and everyone else that didn’t got in for their patience.

User experience is still moving around and we’d like ask that you don’t hesitate to let us know how we could improve your experience with the application!

We’re also adding a new GAE-Studio public community on which we invite you to ask questions, discuss about the product and tell us what you think.

Have fun folks!

ArcBees is pleased to annouce GAE Studio!

In our continuous effort to provide developers and businesses with the best tools to help them build bleeding edge web applications, we’re proud to announce the upcoming release of GAE Studio!

GAE Studio assist developers in optimizing their Google App Engine applications. Using real-time analysis of database requests, GAE Studio will rapidly identify inefficient queries and gather precise data that will help developers trim query delays. GAE Studio also allows database exploration, as well as entry modification and deletion. As a whole, GAE Studio is an essential tool for developers who wish to speed up their Google App Engine applications.

For more information and to have an early access to the product, visit GAE Studio website.