GWTP 1.1 is here !

I hope you’re having a good time at GWT.create !

We’re closing our round of annoucements with the release of a new version of our flagship product : GWTP.

In this release, we mostly focused on the dispatch projects. The REST Dispatch has had its serialization dependency updated to a library compatible with Jackson 2 annotations.

Also, all dispatch projects were cleaned up. As a side effect, the RPC dispatch artifacts were renamed and most of the code was moved to new packages. Whilst the old code is still there, it has been deprecated. We will write a migration guide to help you update your application so you don’t face major issues when we remove that code in the next major release.

What’s next for GWTP? For sure, one of our top priorities is to support the new GWT 2.6 .

We have big plans for that product, but your feedback and ideas are always welcome. We want to make that product fit your needs.

Thanks a lot to all the contributors in this release, but a special thanks to branflake2267, Chris-V, christiangoudreau, jDramaix, meriouma, nmorel, spg and StetsenkoEM

The team at ArcBees would like to wish you and your family happy holidays. Take some time to relax and be with your family.

We’ll be back in 2014 and ready to tackle big new projects !

Here are the details of this release :

Glass fix for IE

Add extension points to the REST dispatch code

Removed the compile warnings about JAX-RS annotations

Deprecated the old RPC dispatch code

Extracted common code between RPC and REST Dispatch projects

Added some javadoc to the REST dispatch project

Replaced the REST serialization library from piriti to gwt-jackson

Added the new dispatch dependencies to gwtp-all

Dispatch Projects Update (summary of the changes introduced in the dispatch projects)



  1. traj · December 17, 2013

    Is there any performance comparison between using GWT-Jackson vs. piriti for serialization?

    For one of my Rest Dispatch calls it takes ~200ms for the response to be completely deserialized on the client in 1.1, compared to ~165ms in 1.0.3.

    This is not a huge difference but I was curious if the choice of the serialization library is what caused this, or some other unrelated change in 1.1. I understand that the desire to support Jackson was probably more important than small performance discrepancies.

    • nmorel · December 20, 2013

      Hi, I’m the developer behind GWT-Jackson. My primary goal was to add support for most of the jackson annotations first.

      There is no performance comparison to my knowledge, the project is still young 🙂
      I’ll see if I can add a benchmark project after the v0.3.0 release. But I don’t know yet how to make a good one!

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