Jukito 1.3 and GWTP 1.0.3

Like good gardeners, we are always cultivating our software, helping it to grow and develop.
We listen to your comments and try to evolve our software to meet your needs.
A few days ago, we released two new versions of our Open Source projecs.

Some of you may have noticed already, but we also removed the donation link from our projects. Not because users didn’t use it, but because we want to show everyone that we @ ArcBees want to fully support that project onward! We received an enormous amount of contributions in the past years either as code contribution or money donation. For that, we want to thank EVERYONE! Not only the contributors, but also the users to make this happen!

THANK YOU, from everyone @ ArcBees.

Now, here’s the details of the fixes and the new features.

Jukito 1.3

– A fix for issue #26 (Do not use un-annotated bindings)

Updated copyright to 2013

Add Samples

Descriptions on test & nice test names in IDE

Fix checkstyle and comments

GWTP 1.0.3

– A fix for pull request #312 (Custom ActionException subclasses are not rethrown as new ActionException)

Support APT processor with Java 7

– Fixed integration tests here and here.

Added chromedriver to README

To all contributors on these releases, thank you !

Special thanks to ahri, branflake2267, christiangoudreau, Chris-V, kuhnroyal, meriouma, przemekgalazka and spg !

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