GAE-Studio newsletter #3

Good morning, awesome rockstar superhero beta-testers !

The time has finally come to send out yet another round of invites and launch version 0.5 of GAE-Studio. Our product is becoming more and more stable thanks to the technical prowess of our top shelf geeks.

What’s new in this iteration? Mostly stability improvements (the team added a lot more tests) and interoperability with JSON objects. You will now be able to modify JSON objects in a form, instead of in a textarea. This should reduce errors and make the process easier. Also, we added a login to the ArcBees server, so that we will be able to integrate GAE-Studio as a Maven dependency really soon. Finally, a few UI improvements (dropdowns) and bug fixes complete this fabulous release.

What to expect next? We will integrate a new licensing system that will be used across all of our future software products. Also, we will be able to edit the various elements that are stored in Objectify more easily. Finally, a new artist is joining the team, to make GAE-Studio as professional as it can be, in form as well as function.

As usual, stay tuned to the Bitbucket issue tracker, and never hesitate to share your  successes, troubles or funny stories related to using GAE-Studio!

Working with you is always fun. Keep the feedback coming so together we can build the ultimate, most incredible, most powerful  tool for GAE developers everywhere.

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