Are you ready for GAE-Studio?

I’m really excited today to share the tool with you that has helped us the most in developing Google App Engine web applications over the past two years: GAE-Studio! Most of us have had trouble managing local data through the GAE admin console in development mode. Non indexed columns aren’t shown, the table that displays your values can get ugly as it expands from left to right, and you can’t easily add, remove or modify values.

Those problems can all be left behind now, thanks to GAE-Studio! Some lucky beta users will be invited to use it for free, while we tweak the application based on what we learn from their usage. A full release will follow, after we add the features our closed beta users most asked for.

So keep your eyes on your inbox; the first set of invitations will be sent really shortly!

In the meanwhile, thanks for your support and your patience over the past few months. I and all the other Bees in the Hive know we’re really lucky to have your participation and support. If you didn’t subscribe to our beta, it is still time and can be done through our GAE-Studio website.

Have a great days fellas!

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