New GWTP milestone, GWTP 1.0

Today, we’re pleased to announce a new milestone – the launch of a major new version of GWTP. Over the past three years, we’ve had incredible input and collaboration across the GWTP community. We’ve also heard from GWTP users around the world, developing awesome and innovative web applications. All have contributed to making GWTP the solid, professional web application development framework it is today. All have helped make it one of the most-used GWT MVP frameworks in the world. Thank you all for your insights and collaboration.

We added many major new features in the update from GWTP 0.7 to 1.0. Here are just some of the improvements we made:

You can find the migration document here.

We are also launching a new GWTP website: The new site describes core product features, and introduces warranty protection packages for business users.

We believe in GWTP, and use it ourselves to build mission-critical business applications. We want you to have same confidence we do. Purchase a protection package, and we will both backup your projects and provide a warranty against platform defects. If some defect in GWTP threatens your product or your delivery schedule, we will investigate immediately, remedy the situation, and assume responsibility for the disruption. We trust that GWTP works as documented, and will stand behind that promise so you can be confident too.

Despite this new release, and the countless web applications that have been developed using GWTP over the years, we’re far from being out of ideas for further development. Join our open source network, and be part of the ongoing story of the evolution of GWTP.

Exactly three weeks from today, we will set up a Google Hangout to share the future of GWTP. We have a lot we want to discuss, and would highly value your input and participation.

See you in three weeks, and happy coding!

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