Must read on GWT CellRenderer.

Fancy UI

Before GWT 2.5, writing a custom CellRenderer to present data in a certain manner was very complicated and very difficult to achieve.

All the custom UI code had to be written inside a Java class that inherits from the AbstractCell class, using HTML strings concatenation, which is a pretty clunky solution. If you want something cleaner you could choose to use the @Template class, but still it is very difficult to write and to maintain.

I always said, if only Google would add in GWT the ability to define the UI of a custom CellRenderer using XML, just like they did with the introduction of UiBinder, and to have the possibility to bind the UI components using the @UiField and to hook event processing using @UiHandler ==> Hooraaahhhh !!!! This dream came true with GWT 2.5, and it is called the UiRenderer.

In this article I’ll show some snippets of codes of a…

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