Version 0.6 released!

We just released version 0.6 of GWTP. You can get it from the download section:
Or from Maven Central, see:

See the release notes for details:

Highlights include:

  • Introduction of the GWTP Eclipse Plugin.
  • Support for search engine crawling.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.

This version has a few breaking changes, but they should all be easy to fix. Details on migrating to 0.6 are available here:

You can get the samples from the downloads section. Information on how to run them from a command line or in Eclipse are given here:

If you’re interested to see GWTP in production apps, check out:

(If you want to see your application in this list, just send me an email saying why you like GWTP! ;))

Have fun with GWTP!

One comment

  1. Don P. · March 27, 2012


    We are considering using GWTP on a new, large enterprise application project.

    In a couple of posts, you mention that the arcbees web site will be available as a GWTP example, but I can’t see where this is available. We need a good, complete example to help us get started, and the arcbees web site seems like it would be the best example. Can you help with this?


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