It’s been a while since our last post, but don’t worry, it wasn’t because we were sick or because we broke every single fingers of our hands. We only worked more than ever on our upcoming projects. Well, one of the them is the speaks that Philippe Beaudoin will give at the Prairies Dev Con about GWT, GAE and Gwt-Platform on June 13th and 14th 2011. If you’re interested about the sessions or if you want to meet with the team, buzz us and we’ll get in touch at this incredible event. In the meanwhile, you can read the sessions description.

Google Web Toolkit and the Model View Presenter Architecture
This session will give you the opportunity to write a complete GWT application from scratch using the Model-View-Presenter architecture recommended by Google. Your app will be built on the GWT-Platform framework and will include all the latest feature of GWT including history management, a command pattern for RPC calls, a client-side event bus, code splitting, and dependency injection through Gin and Guice.

Attendees will need a laptop with Eclipse and the Google Plugin for eclipse. Other libraries can be downloaded from the web during the session.

Introduction to Google AppEngine Development in Java
Google AppEngine is a Platform-as-a-Service cloud solution that is widely recognized as a cost-effective way to deploy a scalable web application. However, making good use of the platform requires you to understand some of the design choices behind it. This talk will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of AppEngine. It will also introduce some of its most important features, including the datastore (based on Google’s BigTable NoSQL database), and task queues. The lecture will use the AppEngine Java API as well as the open-source Objectify API to access the datastore.

For more informations:

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