Unit testing for dummies

Lately I asked one of the most generous Gwt-Platform contributors, Brendan Doherty, to write a small article about unit testing for dummies and, well, he didn’t really do what we had in mind. Still I think he said everything that needs to be said, judge for yourself:

  1. Watch as many videos as you can find on youtube by Miško Hevery, as well as these presentations. I regularly listen to him when driving in my car.
  2. Read everything ever written on the Google Testing blog.
  3. Read http://code.google.com/p/gwt-platform/wiki/UnitTesting for information on how gwt-platform provides assistance when writing your presenter unit tests.

Repeat until you are no longer a n00b.

While it’s not really a tutorial, there’s a lot of information, I’m sure a lot of you will find number one and two pretty instructive (and number three pretty useful!)

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